“Design that stands the test of time”

“Samet Architects” is an architect and interior design firm that raises the banner of design that stands the test of time, which is characterized by clean geometric lines. The firm was founded by architects Adi Samet and Tamar Samet. Beyond their status as high-end architects, Adi and Tamar are also interior designers and each project is crafted as a Total Design, architecture and interior design in one piece.

Our guideline in any architectural project and interior design project is that we first get in close contact with the client in an attempt to explore their wishes and needs, so we have the role of an interior designer and architect. Creating the program involves in-depth analysis of the area and locating landscape views that will lead to creative architectural solution and a clear concept. It is important to us to understand the nature of living in each space, the relation between the various functions and the emphasis on the surrounding area while using the openings to frame the view to be seen through them.

We aspire to plan buildings as green as possible while applying new technologies that are beneficial to both the environment and the structure quality. The planning of any architecture or interior design project is achieved through teamwork that aims to combine functionality, concept and design with attention to details and top-level execution.

Samet Architects, an architecture and interior design firm, specializes in a host of architecture and interior design areas. You are invited to explore the variety of projects executed by our firm.