Design that stands the test of time

Samet Architects

“Samet Architects” is an architecture and interior design firm that has united within its walls leading and talented architects.
The firm advocates a luxury design that stands the test of time and is characterized by clear geometric lines.

The planning of any architecture project or interior design is done in joint teamwork that strives to create a combination of function, concept and design.
We strive to design as green a structure as possible, while implementing technologies that are beneficial to the environment and the building, while going down to the details, and with the highest level of execution.

Architecture and Interior Design

In our view, planning and interior design is one piece.
From the initial accompanying process to the adaptation of the planning to the client’s personal taste.

Architectural planning

Planning a successful architecture project begins with understanding the client’s needs and careful planning,
and ends with 3D views of the project that express those needs.

About us

The firm was established in partnership with Adi and Tamar Samet.
Beyond being luxury architects, they are also interior designers, and each project is planned as a Total design –
Architectural design and interior design as one piece.

The guideline for us in any architecture and interior design project, begins with close contact with the client and experience in learning his desires and needs, so we perceive the role of interior designer and architect.

The construction of the program is accompanied by an in-depth analysis of the area and the identification of viewpoints in the landscape that will lead to creative architectural solutions and a clear concept. It is important for us to understand the nature of life in each and every space, the connection between the functions and to emphasize the area that surrounds it, using openings to frame the view through it.

Our projects

Samet Architects, a firm of recommended interior designers and architects, specializes in a variety of fields of architecture and interior design. Feel free to be impressed by the variety of projects carried out in the office.

Our guidelines

Planning any architecture or interior design project is based on three leading values


Listening is a vital and necessary key to any planning-design process: in order to deeply understand your desires, needs, and yes, your dreams as well. Only in this way, it is possible to formulate for you an accurate design that provides the desired and correct answer to them.


For us, professionalism is a pursuit of uncompromising quality, constant updating in materials and technologies in our areas of practice, close supervision in the construction / design process, and taking full responsibility for every step and detail during execution until completion.


We believe in a reasoned design that produces a quality of life: a design that transcends time, combines practice with aesthetics, is an integral part of your world’s content and is customized for you.

we are waiting for you!

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