Shrem family house – Kfar Daniel

Sometimes you need luck and we just happened to have one. We met Adi and Tamar by accident when they visited one of the houses they were planning in our Moshav, and just by this fact alone one can tell how devoted and involved they are in every house they plan.
They had been with us for 4 years and kept abreast with our own pace. A year and a half of planning until the final construction plans were attained, endless patience and attention to details, again and again and again. They were attentive and built the house we wanted, offered solutions and had us in mind.
Every professional who came along during construction mentioned they had never seen such plans. The plans were so precise, without a single error throughout the construction period, and the professional never required further explanations, everything was perfectly clear and detailed.
Although there’s different strokes for different folks, we think their taste in interior design is equivalent to their precision in the construction plan details. E x c e l l e n t!
Other than professionalism, when you choose and architect you choose a partner, and we had two of them. Adi and Tamar complement each other and will always be there, answer every call, guide, advise, and first and foremost they are warm, wonderful individuals.
Even a year after the construction has ended, they still advise about interior design and planning issues.
Ayelet and Oren Shrem

Cohen Family – Kefar Sava

We were thinking of building a house as a tough mission, until we stumbled upon Adi and Tamar Samet, who helped us arranging our thoughts, simply and attentively.
Though a little late, we would like to say a few words about the creativity, professionalism and patience (which is highly needed) used to create a solution tailored just for us, not to mention the high availability on the phone, great service and dedicated care for every possible problem.
Eventually, we got a house.
Thank you for the beautiful house you created for us with the help of an amazing staff. We are sure to never forget Keren’s magnificent service, who was always there for us.
Many thanks,
Anat, Yossi and the kids.

Kassan family house – Ramat HaSharon

We entrusted the construction of our house with Tamar and Adi Samet, even though we don’t share the same style and credo. (Samet Architects usually build in a modern style, and we wanted a rustic house).
As a couple interested in a rustic house à la Tuscany, our encounter with Tamar and Adi was fascinating and challenging at the same time. The conflict of interests, the varying tastes together with the acceptance, tolerance and openness of Tamar and Adi allowed us to create something new.
The construction period, which is characterized by stress, high pressure and many decisions to make, was experienced by us as a wonderful, enjoyable journey of partnership, guidance and support. We felt we were in the best, most human and professional hands throughout. We are convinced that without them we would have experienced it differently, and we thank them for having succeeded, sensitively and cleverly, to make our fantasies come true and protect our relationship as a couple.
Yael and Assaf Kassan

Elbaz family house – Nir David

Professionalism aside, we would like to mention our acquaintance with this amazing couple – Samet Architects.
There should be mentioned it wasn’t easy to find in the North the high-end architects that we were looking for, and the moment we landed in Adi’s office and saw his works, we knew he was the one who would plan our house.
They made us feel full partners in the process of construction.
Of course, they were highly professional and paid attention to the smallest details while using high-quality materials.
We appreciate and thank you for your professionalism and our newly acquired friendship.
Elbaz family

Cohen Family – Tzahala

The architect is a significant, if not the most significant factor in the process of construction and/or renovation. Adi, Tamar and hish amazing office staff, were walking us through the whole process, professionally, uncompromisingly, while going into the smallest details, doing so sensitively and attentively, taking our needs into account.
The office staff assisting Adi never left a single question unanswered, nor a single issued unresolved. All along the renovation, we knew we can trust them, and the results speak for themselves.
The renovation was quite major – demolition of the old, and rebuilding. Not even the smallest detail was missed, from the sockets to the handle of the bathroom door. Let alone the great interior design, which wins countless praises, the house is also planned functionally, in a way which suit a family of 5. All along the road, the staff was paying attention to the smallest details, using deep thinking, and working diligently!
We want to thank Adi and Tamar Sammet and the dedicated office staff from the bottom of our hearts! You are the best! We love you and adore you.
Gil and Shiri Cohen

Kats family house – Savion

Before we started the construction project we were very afraid because we heard many horror stories from our friends who built their own houses, and also because we didn’t really know what we wanted – and if you don’t know where you’re going, you don’t know where to start.
In retrospect, especially thanks to Adi and Tamar, the construction experience was very pleasant. Tamar and Adi were very patient with us and helped us define what we wanted and needed on one hand, and added their fantastic, innovative and unique taste on the other hand.
Tamar and Adi are professional, talented, and friends. We wish everybody the same construction experience we had…
Thank you
Ari and Shay-Li Katz

Zini family – Kfar Daniel

About 7 years ago we were in the middle of making a dream come true, our own house I a magical Moshav.

We didn’t heed much thought to the most important choice of all – the architects. We met Adi and Tamar, got impressed, but we couldn’t afford them. We thought it wasn’t that important… we took a cheaper choice, which proved to be a mistake. Everything was ready, the workers were prepared, but we suddenly realized the plans were bad, it wasn’t the house we were dreaming about! Broken and sad, we returned to Adi and Tamar. Right from the beginning we felt that we were in good, safe hands, and they got to business immediately, changed the plans, listened to our needs, helped us envisage the life in our new house. The plans were changed considerably, were in much higher quality, utilized the area to the maximum and thanks to them, we received a spacious house with a beautiful garden, all in a single floor! We felt relieved. First and foremost, Adi and Tamar are attentive, caring and sensitive individuals, and then they are professionals of the highest order, talented, unique, with praiseworthy taste and sharp perceptions. Today, 5 years after we settled with our children in our new house, we still bless them for having built it so cleverly, practically and perfectly suited to our needs without compromising the aesthetics and design. We highly recommend you to have Adi and Tamar on your way to your dream. You will get a full compensation for the price and the wonderful feeling will remain for years to come.

We would be glad to recommend personally.

Liat and Ilan Zini

Edna and Oren – Ramat Hasharon
Dear Tamar and Adi, Keren and Eliran:

We began walking together starting from our first meeting (in which we already knew you were just perfect for us), through the house building process, to moving in.
Our house is absolutely the fruit of your work, where you still managed to meet all of our needs, contain our opposite taste (as a couple) and create something we both really like.
The combination of the two of you is a winning one – providing the customers with a complete surround:
Abundance of talent to creativity, together with practicalness, neat and highly organized work.
Coming out of the box, efficient work, professional leading of all stages of design and supervising the construction (you were always updating as before we even asked anything…).
A holistic view – the general appearance, an amazing combination of interior and exterior and optimal utilization of space, together with care for each and every item in the house (every inch was pre-planned), up to the level of accessories. Other professionals who were working for us claimed more than once that they had never seen before such a high level plans.
High availability, patience, sympathy, willingness to solve any problems, and always with a good and positive spirit.
Eventually we realized that you, together with the excellent and unusual supervisor we appointed for the project – Niv Meir, created a perfect team, thanks to whom the building process was performed smoothly, quickly, and virtually with no faults, with a lovely result.
So many thanks,
Edna and Oren

Zantkeren family house – Ramat HaSharon

To Samet Architects – first, a big thank for everything!!!
Building a house is a long process that involves many dilemmas, and the first one is where do you buy a land? After searching for years, we finally bought land for construction in Ramat HaSharon, and then the next step was to choose the architect who would help us to make our dream come true. We came to you, and from the very first moment we realized you were the right partners for us. We loved the personal design style and decided that we would go for it together.
To us, an architect is the person entrusted with making the dreams in our mind come true (and each one of us has a different mind), the person who can translate “I love light” into tall, wide windows overlooking the yard, inviting the outdoors inside and creating a wonderful atmosphere. Thanks for guiding us throughout, you were very attentive to our wishes, budget, and you knew what could be discarded and pleasantly insisted on the “musts.”
And most importantly – thank for your continued guidance even after the project was completed and went into your project archives, you are still available for every question or request and it isn’t taken for granted.
We hope you continue to grow and succeed because there is no other option, with your way there is only one direction, which is up!
Good luck and thank you,
Sheli and Yuval Zantkeren

Braun family – Levnison – Tel Aviv-Yafo

Dear Adi and Tamar,
The potential hope of buying our small apartment was accompanied by many fears and lack of knowledge.
And then you came along, filled with belief and inspiration, and suddenly every limitation became an advantage, for every barrier there was found a solution.
You discovered all the hidden options in this small lot with the joy of creating, experience and a lot of work.
Even when painful compromises were needed, you made us look at the bright side and not stick to what was missing, the unfeasible. You created a well-lit, open apartment, which is also warm, beautiful and impressive and at the same time calm and inviting.
Countless thanks for that.
And one more thank, maybe the most important one, for the fact that throughout this journey, which was strewn with many stumblestones, you guided and supported us with your good spirit, ample patience and you were always willing to help.
From us, who are always happy to return every day to our lovely home,
Uri and Gal Braun

Customers’ house – HaSharon

We came to Adi and Tamar after we had already met seven architects, and we sensed an immediate connection – and we were not disappointed!
The whole construction process went smoothly with a pleasant atmosphere. The meetings were productive and involved full cooperation between us.
Samet Architects’ team answered every question we had, quickly and professionally.
Eventually – the result, our dream house where we live until today – exceeds our expectations far and beyond.
Thank from the bottom of our hearts, we are sure you’ll be talked about a lot!

Michal Daliot – Super Nanny

To Adi Samet and the Samet Architects’ team
We would like to thank you
For your attention,
Your kindness,
Your professionalism,
Your willingness,
And your great help in filming the episode!
The Super Nanny team
Super Nanny – season 3 – episode 1, part 2